04 4 / 2012

How to set up Poco (C++ library) in Windows 7 Pro 64bit using Visual Studio 2010

So here’s my quick set-up guide. Hope it helps.

1) extract your poco lib to any dir. In this tutorial I use E:\poco-1.4.3p1
2) open Visual Studio. Tools->Visual Studio command prompt
3) in the console change dir to E:\poco-1.4.3p1
4) run buildwin with appropriate parameters. (in my case “buildwin.cmd 100”). Then wait - the compilation will take some time (about 10 minutes)
5) Set the windows path. add “E:\poco-1.4.3p1-all\bin”

6) Create a new project in visual studio

7) This steps tells the compiler, where to find the header files
Solution Explorer->”your project name”->right click->properties
configuration properties->c/c++->additional include directories
"E:\poco-1.4.3p1\Foundation\include" // always
"E:\poco-1.4.3p1"otherdir"\include" // in case you #include Poco/"otherdir"/"something"

8) set the linker right
Linker ->additional library directories
add “E:\poco-1.4.3p1\lib”
and/or “E:\poco-1.4.3\lib64”